Consultancy Services

When providing consulting services, B³C strives to provide advice on a broad, holistic basis. In doing so, B³C strives for a multi-dimensional approach with a comprehensive view. B³C strives to support those innovations that, by their very nature, improve existing results. In this context, it is irrelevant whether the innovation is disruptive or incremental.

We know that not every business model, product, or technology is equally suitable for every part of the world. We want to use resources where they are available and make the added value of resources accessible locally. Only based on this thought pattern is it possible to sustainably foster the development of local societies. 

This is also the core approach of our "signature" business model, the B³-Model.

We build bridges by opening up new markets and "blue oceans". We build bridges between companies based on sustainable, long-term partnerships. We build bridges between economies to strengthen less developed countries and promote independent entrepreneurs and SMEs from industrialized countries. We support authorities in their efforts to develop industrial clusters to develop and boost their economic independence. All of this is done in line with the United Nations SDGs.

B³C's support for
Suppliers, EPCs, ...

In the renewable energy industry, we support suppliers, EPCs, etc. in their quest for suitable partners, markets, and technologies. 

On the one hand, we identify potential markets for our partners that promise great potential but also provide a certain degree of security for their investments. We also develop models for market access up to the final business model. 

On the other hand, we also support our clients in identifying potential suppliers and potential partners for the development of corresponding markets.

We bring our broad expertise to bear when it comes to developing suitable business models, and organizational structures and building multicultural, x-national teams.

B³C's support for
Investors, Project Developers, and Operators

Thanks to our presence in Europe and the APAC region, we are closely networked with local market players in Europe, Asia, and Australia. As part of our collaboration, we make this network and knowledge available to our clients.

Our knowledge of local markets also makes us a valuable partner for identifying the advantages of certain markets and recognizing market opportunities before they become known to the masses.

In addition, we bring a broad experience in the field of renewable energies (PV, wind, thermo-solar,...) as well as export business, consortiums, and investment projects. 

We therefore support project developers and grid operators in the selection of suitable technologies, bankable EPCs, and the business model of the investment with a focus on operational management and securing the long-term economic success of the investment.

B³C's support for Governmental Authorities

In general, economies around the world are currently facing two mega-challenges:

  • Energy transition towards net zero
  • Strengthening their economies and independence from individual nations

Both challenges require high levels of investment, but should not necessarily be viewed in abstract terms.

These two challenges can be pursued simultaneously by national economies and used as complementary accelerators. How can this be achieved strategically at national or regional level? By the regions or nations leveraging their potential and meeting their own needs with a high proportion of their own added value. This means making existing local knowledge and personnel available and using existing natural resources to develop dedicated thematic and technological clusters.

In our view, many emerging and developing countries could manage the energy transition with a high degree of value creation of their own. In order to leverage this potential, however, it is necessary to become aware of their resources and specifically look for missing pieces of the puzzle, identify them, and develop strategies to compensate for these missing parts. In this way, such nations and regions can sustainably strengthen their economy and community from the economic point of view, because liquidity does not flow out, but is used to build up their economic system. 

In this context, we work with regional and international experts to identify existing potential, develop a strategic plan, find potential and motivated partners, and provide project management support.

How B³C supports ...

Raising Potential

An essential part of our work is based on the idea that ideas can only be developed if creativity is awakened and it has been experienced how creative one can be him/herself.

Under the heading "Raising Potential", we support businesses in discovering their own creative abilities as a team or as a company within the framework of workshops, seminars, lectures, and team-building events. We do not offer a standard program but design tailor-made experiences.

Thereby we do not limit ourselves to single topics but demonstrate in general, in which areas innovation can arise and that all areas of a company bear equal responsibility for creativity and innovation.

Execution Support

Under this term, we understand the active support of entrepreneurial projects to identify new markets, develop business models, implement strategies, and change organizations. 

Always under the guideline of building bridges to a better future, we provide support as processual moderators, temporary project managers, interim managers, and/or external consultants. 

In the context of execution support, we also get actively involved in the process - depending on the agreement with our clients. 


Under this term we understand the searching and identification of potential business partners, fitting to an identified collaboration/business model and/or market entry for long-term cooperation.

Within the scope of scouting we work - depending on the agreement - either with our client organizations or independently. We conduct the scouting multi-dimensionally and evaluate among other things the company history, ownership structure, liquidity, employee structure, etc. but also soft skills, such as market understanding, commitment, work style, and mind-set. 

Sparring &

Within the framework of sparring and coaching, we accompany individuals or groups either on defined topics or on an ongoing basis.

In coaching, we work as a mirror and try to address questions to support our counterparts in finding answers.

In sparring we go one step further and bring in our own experience and knowledge. In this way, we not only provide process support but also bring in other (own) perspectives. Sparring is a suitable means of actively opening up perspectives and thus actively expanding the potential scope of action.

Regardless of whether sparring or coaching, the aim is always to support as an outsider a facilitation process with suitable, customised methods.