B³C maintains the confidentiality it has agreed with its clients, as loyalty and reliability are essential components of our principles.

For this reason, only projects that have been anonymised are listed on this page, which can be detailed in more depth on request.

Expansion to South-East-Asia

The project owner was a company belonging to a medium-sized engineering group that wanted to handle more projects in South-East Asia. In addition to project business consulting in the context of sales processes, the project included the complete business planning, the registration, the establishment, and the management of the unit. In addition, the model of cooperation with local partners has been successfully developed in accordance with local laws and regulations (tax, import, labour law,...). In doing so, the focus was on risk mitigation. 

Significant success of the project: Award of the title "Contractor of the Year" by the customer, as well as ensuring the success of the project (in time / in budget with significant savings on top).

Industry: Mobility
Project Duration: 3 years
Project Owner: on request
Project Volume: on request

Critical Infrastructure

The project client is active in the field of energy networks across all voltage levels. As part of a project tender for the renewal of several substations in a CIS country with a total project volume of EUR 50 million, a business model had to be developed that complied with the tendering conditions of the financing IFI while retaining scope for cooperation with local partners and complying with the capital market regulations of the target country and the corporate regulations.

The key success was the development of the partnership and business model, which allowed a commercial advantage over the competition and repeatedly led to the award of contracts in subsequent tenders.

Industry: Energy
Project Duration: 1 year
Project Owner: on request
Project Volume: on request

Development of an international collaboration model 

The project client, a medium-sized group from the automotive supply industry, requested the development of a business model with the international participation of potential additional partners. The aim was to assemble electrically powered vehicles for the local market with a bilateral or multilateral joint venture. The focus here was on maximising value creation in the respective host country.  The model should have been implemented in an emerging country.

The main challenge was to identify the resources that could be utilised locally, to identify potential partners and to develop the basic features of the cooperation model. In addition, it had to be ensured that knowledge could be transferred to the host country without loosing the core IP.

Industry: Mobility
Project Duration: 1.5 years
Project Owner: confidential
Project Volume: confidential