With the power, insights, and acceptance that bridges between ecosystems, political alignments and technologies allow us, we can solve all the major challenges we face, such as poverty, climate and starvation, as a global community. We just have to start doing it at eye level!

About B³C...


B³C sees itself as a consulting firm that supports companies from the energy and mobility industries as well as government agencies in national innovation programmes within the context of corporate development in order to accelerate the transformation of the world of energy with regard to net-zero and global warming. We see ourselves as drivers of innovation in the areas of commercialisation of products and services, supply chain, corporate organisation and network/collaboration.

B³C is an Austrian-based consultancy firm, mainly active in Europe, LATAM, and the APAC region. 

The experience and network that Arnold Prentl brings to the table is holistically shaped at the technical-commercial nexus.  
B3C provides services with hand-picked specialists and works globally with selected partners to provide clients with targeted and focused support. 

Arnold Prentl, the founder of B³C, looks back to an extensive track record in different roles in the (electrical) energy, communications, and mobility industry. 

Our Vision...

B³C was founded with the vision of broadening industrial technical capacities on a global scale, focusing on addressing crucial worldwide matters such as climate change and income inequality, thereby promoting contributions towards global social harmony. Driven by a spirit of discovery as well as a deep understanding of various regions' and nations' needs and assets, we identify and develop feasible and appropriate business and collaboration models with our clients.

Our Drivers...

B³C is driven by the idea of improving the world with a measured approach. You could also say that we strive to balance the three key factors of technology, economic/social sustainability and ecology.

As we support our clients in evolving their business models, their organizations, and their products not just future-proof but fit for the future. By "fit for the future" we do not only understand the one-dimensional achievement of key performance indicators, but also the consideration of ecological, environmental, and social impacts and, if necessary, the early consideration of strategic measures.

... and "fit for the future" also includes the need to support organizations in becoming more resilient in an accelerating world of complex, multidimensional change.

Our Principles...

We see ourselves as pathfinders working with our clients to build "bridges" to a more prosperous future for our clients and their stakeholders.
We therefore consider not only the interests of our clients but also those of their stakeholders. With this principle, we ensure that we develop profitable, resilient, sustainable and socially beneficial alternative solutions together with our clients. 
We believe in the necessity and power of innovation. Not only as a consulting subject but also in innovative approaches in the execution of our work. We see creative and innovative thinking as an essential mindset for managing companies in the infinite challenges posed to them. We do not question the history of our clients, but respect their past without judging it. Because innovation depends on the (historical) path. That is why we are passionate about supporting initiatives that not only focus on the innovation itself but also examine its impact on society and the environment before it is introduced in order to counteract any negative effects from the outset.
We are loyal to our clients as well as to society and the planet. We are convinced that the current challenges facing humanity can only be solved as a global community. That is why we always think across borders, across economies, and all dimensions of social structures.  
We see our global community as a highly interconnected system. Due to the complexity of today's interconnected world, it is not enough to think regionally, nationally, or continentally. The current challenges we face as a global society are boundless. Because most current business decisions today have a potential impact on other continents and future generations.

Arnold Prentl

After graduating from the Higher Technical College Wien Donaustadt (communications electronics), Arnold managed several projects in the energy and communications sector in Europe, Africa, and Asia for Television Broadcast Seufert, Austroconsult, tele.ring, ALPINE-ENERGIE, Siemens, and others. After graduating in Industrial Engineering (focused on Strategic Management, and Corporate Governance), he had a move into management functions and took over the responsibility of the Tendering Department in the Central/Eastern Europe + Russia Region at Alstom / General Electric. Afterwards, he was Vice President of Commercial Management and registered Country Manager in the South East Asia Region for electrical traction equipment in rail vehicle industry. Before founding B³C-Bridge Building Business Consult, he was Vice President Projects and Services for a leading battery manufacturer in the stationary energy storage industry. In this role, Arnold was responsible for setting up the global organisation for project execution and implementation as well as after market businesses. 

Arnold aims for a holistic, value- and benefit-centered approach to corporate management with additional social benefits for the economic area in which he is active. He always strives to find the balanced optimum of the interests of stakeholders. 

Arnold is a trained mediator according to the Civil Mediation Act (ZivMediatG) and trained as a Coach according to the St. Gallen Model. As part of his MBA journey, he developed a collaborative business model for the benefit of differently developed economies (x-country approach), the "Bridge Building Business Model" (B³-Model ®).